We spend 40 minutes on your initial consult.

We spend the time required to get your story, the history of what you’ve done, and why you are in pain or have an injury.

It allows us to do all the tests and assessments for us to get our hands on, and do some treatment within that initial assessment.

We develop a treatment plan with you giving you an idea of:

  • How long your rehab might take

  • When the end goal will be

  • What the requirements are from you, in terms of appointments, exercise, and how we are going to play a role in that.

We really look forward to helping you move well, feel great, and welcoming you into our clinic.

We have a fantastic space with natural light.

Our team of therapists and reception are second to none. We have a fantastic team and look forward to doing this journey with you, and getting you back to your full functional health.

Please remember we have a guarantee. If you are at all unsatisfied, and we can’t resolve the situation, we will give you a full session refund and offer you a free in-house massage on us!

We do have a cancellation policy, so please make sure you check that out on our website.

We really look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon.