1. Pace Yourself

Gardening is fun, we can block out the world, but we still need to listen to our bodies.

Have a breather regularly to see which muscles need a stretch. They’ve been working hard!!

If you haven’t gardened in a while (not likely!) treat the first couple weeks like a warm up. Gardening is more a marathon than a sprint!

Gardening is more a marathon than a sprint, take time to get upto speed

2. Plan the work, work the plan

Variety is the spice of life!

Plan your day ahead to work a while at knee height, then hip height, then shoulder height.

Some may last longer than others in certain postures. Listen to your body to find your rhythm.

Listen to your body, find your own rhythm and postural flow

3. Preparation

Are you ready for a day in the garden? Consider it the main event, and remember to keep your body fit.

Step ups are useful for knees and hips

Squats are useful for your back

Stretches like cobra or childpose are great for achy muscles

Stretches are great for achy muscles and exercise to keep tuned up